Arrival training  &more…(20th24th/11/2017)


On-arrival training  was conducting by Hungarian National Agency ,which has been hosted into the CEU (Centran European University)  24 participants from Austria ,Bulgaria , England , Georgia , Germany , Greece , Italy , Poland ,Romania , Slovakia ,Spain , Turkey and Ukraine hosted in different organisations in Hungary. The methods used during the Arrival Training were based on non-formal education  approach, such are pressentations, workshops , exercises ,simulations, role plays, discussions,reflections , and evaluations as well as an city discovery. The pressentations have been always followed or preceded by exeprcises in order to raise the impact of the gained knowledge, according to the principle ’’Learning by doing’’. The daily reflections and the final evaluations ensured an exchange of opinions and views while giving feedback about the feelings of the volunteers and building an atmosphere of trust between each other. Finally the excursion and the active discovery of the city enlarged the experience and knowledge about the hosting region and made participants get in contact with local community .





Luckily I were not alown in all this long journey… From my reciving organisation (Fenntartható Ormánság Nonprofit Kft.) it was also invited the bulgarian partner where I cooperate with him, as he is also a volunteer . At 20th of November at 04:30 at the morning we were began together . Our first step was to get the bus from the local station of Kemes with our destination  Harkany  to get the bus also as well and after from Pecs  ( 5th biggest city in Hungary) , in order to get the train at 07:14 , as it happened and at 10:14 we have been in Budapest. From ther we changed to lines of undergroud and finaly at 11:30 we reached at CEU. There we arrived second , directly I wet to see my room , and there I met my Polish roomate …We introduced ourselfs and then lunch time.

After the lunch the training has began  by :

-Wellcoming and introduction (name and hosting organisation)

-Objectives and programme of the on-arrival training

-Getting to know eatch other…


-DAY 1 of the Arrival Training.


For the very first time the group tied very good . The first team building activity was to pass a moving rope , but if someone touched, all of the participants  start againg from the begning. After 40 minutes and after also many strategies we done it . The second task was to find all of the papers which has been glowed on a tree and then to fullfilling the tasks .The objectives have been achieved  after several hours  ,then we pressent the results. Around 5 o’clock at the afternoon before the reflaction groups , we have to play againg the game with the rope but with the rule , that we must not have time space between the participants and the rolling-moving rope. It was somehow difficulte but with willing , passion,strategy and patience …WE DONE IT .Then w e set on availability the game of secret angel . After it was the finish of the day and we have had to discuss with the reflaction groups , every team has been suround it by 4 persons. There we expressed our oppinion according to our feeling for the first day’s training.  At evening we took our dinner and after relaxing with some drinks and snacks (…) .

DAY 2 of the Arrival Training

At 08:00 o’clock at the morning , we’ve got to wake up and to take our breakfast until 09:30. Our day started by an energiezer and after we talked about EVS learning objectivers, reflaction on motivation and obstacle of the own voluntary service. On a peace of paper we desinged our journey from our country until our recieving organisation . Then we expressed orraly :

-Why EVS ?

-Why here (in Hungary)?


-Risks and obstacles

-Learning Objectives  (Professional ) : What I would like to learn professionally ? Professional Development.

-Learning Objectives (Personal) : What I would like to learn personally? Personal Development.







-Learn about Hungary

-To meet new people;

-Feeling another culture



-Learning Language

-Improve my English

-To become better person

-Learn how to be organized





-To meet people with working in NGO’s in Hungary

-To  develope my English and to learn Hungarian

-Establish new useful contacts

-Getting experience in environmental issues;

-Get experience connected with living in a new place and different culture.

-Time for decision about future studies

After that we have had to expressed our oppinion about FEARS , EXPECTATIONS, CONTRIBUTION.

Around 12:30 it cames the 1st outdoor activity . The organisers seperate us in teams of 5 people and after we recieved an envelope which was included inside a paper full of tasks , a map of Budapest and a ticket for 5 people for 24hours. Me and my team visited the Anonymus monument , Universita Corvinus di Budapest, Hadik Andras monument , Berlin wall, Buda castle , Central Market Hall in Budapest, St. Stephen’s Basilica  etc. At the middle of the task we met the team ’’The fabulous’’ and we continued together.

Through this activity we were able to take a little taste of Budapest  and the monuments.

At 19:30 we met each other at the main squer and then the organisers lead as . We taste a cup of hot wine  and after all of as we joined at a local pub.


DAY 3 of Arrival Training.

At 08:00 o’clock at the morning , we’ve got to wake up and to take our breakfast until 09:30. Our day started by an energiezer and after we have had to discuse about our experience of the 2nd day’s outdoor task. Also we had to desing up on piece of paper a car and after to identify our role ont he car . This activity was really interested and crietivity for the reason that you can recognise the others oppinion according  to your way of behaviour. After lunch we talked about ’’Vision Scale ’’. And then we used in practice . Luckily I had  good partner and it works .

After the coffe break we talked about our secret heroes , this might was the most immotional part of this training. I heared many options about the others secret hero , but the main poin is that all of those heroes occupy a part of our personality.

After this we discoused about ’’HEROE’S JOURNEY’’…The immportan information which I gained it was that even if I’ll fail into a part of my journey is also included to the steps .

Somehow like this the 3d day closed by reflection group meeting.


DAY 4 of the Arrival Training

As all of the arrival training’s days we woke up at around 08:00 o’clock in order to take our breakfast, and then at 09:30 we have to be at the arrival room to start . At this day we met two womens of the Hungarian National Agency and discuss for some of our worries , according to our EVS project. There the knowledge which I gained was that EVS will be merge with a new project which called Solidarity and there is also a possibility that we (the EVS participants ) to be able to participate also to this new programme.

After lunch we talked actively about NON VIOLANT COMMUNICATION.

And they we used this knowledge in practice by team per 3 persons.It was really interested all this part for the reason that with the other members of my group we have had somehow the same ‘’problem’’ and worries with me, but in different cases. After finishing this topic it was the reflaction time and after dinner.



DAY 5 of Arrival Training and Goodbye part

We woke up at 08:00 o’clock as usually , we took our last breakfast and the we met each other at the training room at 09:30 . We disclose each othersthe secret angel and after we played our last game, which called ‘’ Spider’s Web’’. Through this we expressed our feelings according to those 4 days where have passed.At the end we have had also another activity which through this we could express our opinion about the accommodation , preperation , activities, food, group etc. Then we took our lunch and then , time to say goodbye , but not with everybody , for the reason that we decided to spend also our weekend’s day to Budapest . So 15/24 of participants stayed at Budapest and all together we spended crietivity by visiting museums, galleries, local restaurantes in the capital , but also we discovered and enjoyed the night life.

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Spanish event in progress. Last week we started with the preparation of the event, with the intention that the local people of Ormánság ( Hungría ) know a little better the culture, customs, gastronomy and, in short, the idiosyncrasy of the Spanish people. It is not easy to talk about a country like Spain and more in these times. Here in Hungary people watch the news about Catalonia with much curiosity and without understanding very well what is happening in that country of bulls, sun and flamenco. None of the volunteers are experts in Spanish geopolitics and it is difficult, if not impossible, to explain the embarrassing show we are giving ….. but we hope to put some light.


Perhaps simply explaining that Spain is formed by 17 autonomous communities plus Ceuta and Melilla and that each has different sensibilities, that in Spain not only castilian is spoken, that bulls and flamenco do not like everyone, that each community has its own folklore,  that not all over the territory is hot all year, there are more football teams than Madrid and Barsa, we had a civil war and a subsequent dictatorship that lasted some forty years and that Spanish is spoken by 500 million people in the whole world …. may be enough to have a more real perspective on Hispania. And of course, I hope we are able to do it in a fun and enjoyable way.


By Mikel Diez

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Spanish Event 


In the end the moment of the Spanish party arrived. At first everything was perfect, until the time to start the preparations, because there are many stereotypes, when not everything is the same in different parts of Spain (the Bulls, Flamenco, Tortilla, siesta, party … etc);That’s why in the presentation I focused on defining Spain, its communities, its official and co-official languages, its traditional dances, with some examples of its clothing, its most relevant icons of food in different areas, some of the most recognized athletes, thus it enriched more a culture so associated with 4 icons nothing else.

the next activity would continue with the typical ones of Spain, but this time the local people would participate to some questions with different answers and they would have to guess the right one, a very entertaining socio-cultural activity and a diversity of questions for all the publics.

At the end of the game came a performance, where the nerves and fatigue played with me, and I could not show it as I wanted, the Rap, Beatbox are not of Spanish origin, like another performance, are hobbies that we have the two Spanish volunteers and with the peculiarity of sharing the same with colleagues from Hungary, and focus more on a gesture of solidarity and unity between the two countries

finished the rap performance, we started with queimada, Characteristic of Galiza, a magical custom, superstitious, with spells to end witches, bad luck, evil eye, and all that fantastic world etc … It was the first queimada that cooked I, and also the spell, and although I attended several in my life, do not enjoy it as much as in this one.

to close the proceedings, a salsa dance, where I saw a good rapport and an incredible rhythm, where at the end there was a small dance with part of the public and publishing that there will be a salsa event in the future.

Now came the most tasty part of the event, the food, 4 tortillas, ali oli potatoes, Serrano ham, cheese and red wine. the tortillas I guess I got it right because little is left on the plate jajajajajajajaja, ali oli sauce, although it is an easy recipe its preparation is not, but Eva cooks very well and in moments like this shows his talent, cheese and wine perfect, the only fault and to put a fault, because neither is it that the ham was too smoky, all this accompanied by Spanish music and a good atmosphere very lively, to close the event we even ended up dancing the macarena in group all.

in conclusion I enjoyed a lot and had a great time and I keep a good memory, and although the nerves and fatigue appeared, they did not prevent me from enjoying it so much, Thanks to everyone who participated.




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From the first moment since I done my first spet at Kemes village , I felt the positive energy and the ’’family mood’’ surround me , as it happened.


The living condition and the behaviour of other volunteer’s which they are living and sharing things with me , both of them are in quite good situation . The one helps the other and correct also in some grammar mistakes in the English language, into a polite way , inspiring you confidence and respect. We are cooking together as well, also we are sharing moments , experiences , stories , views , knowledge  , thus contributing to the promotion of values.

The is no better thing for planning new things and trips with people who you daily socialize with them and have fun.The coming months are supposed to be a unique and integral part of the ‘’EVS BIBLE’’ .


                                                                    Sincerely ,

                                                                Iason Vais-Stergiadis

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Eco-farm – a better way to do the farming.


On Thursday’s afternoon we started a trip to with the blue transporter to Páprád where we were going to visit an eco-farm. The owner of the eco-farm Kálmán Uörös welcomed us on the door and we moved in another world. We started our walk in the eco-farm by seeing the pigs. We learnt that it is special breed of pigs and Kálmán told us about the program which financed his project about the eco-farm. After that we continued our walk in the next part of the farm – the place where he was preparing the food for the animals… we could see the whole process of the preparation. After that we moved to the garden and we learned what plants we can plant in our small garden, so they could survive the coming winter. We tried and collected a lot of plants like: lettuce, garlic, rukola, onion, Heliantnus tuberosus, and Mizuna… the most interesting plant for me was the Mizuna, because it had little purple color and the taste was between mustard and garlic. After that Kálmán gave us some plants and seeds for our garden and gave us advices how to plant them and take care in the future.

During our visit in the eco-farm Tibi prepared a traditional kind of bacon on stick… we cleaned the plants… so the was the last moment of our visit in the eco-farm… we enjoyed the food with some greens and it was really delicious end of the day.

It was really good afternoon, because we had a chance to learn more about the eco-farming, animals and their food, plants and also to try some traditional bacon.

Sincerely yours,



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30/10/2017, 10:23 AM

Good morning ! First of all I would like to introduce
my self in order to get to know me somehow better …
My name is Iason Vais-Stergiadis , 19 years old and I
am coming from Greece more detailed , I live in island
which is called Thasos and is located at the region of
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace .I have been participated
in several project before my decision to participate at
EVS in Kémes,Hungary. Last year, I finished my Lyceum
studies and I felt the need to take an extension before my
introduction at the university.
A friend of mine from one of my last projects , Marin
Marinov informed me about this unique opportunity
which he is also a volunteer in the same EVS project. I
read exclusively all the topics and details from the
infopack about the 6 months EVS and at the very first
time I was very fascinated about all the idea.
In almost one and a half week the Sustainable
Ormánság Nonprofit Ltd organisation has
accepted me . At the same time I booked all of my flight
tickets , I prepared my self and my family as well and at 25th of Octomber I got the flight from Macedonias airport
(SKG). Around at 14 and 30 local time I arrived in
Budapest’s airport. After I get the bus 200E there were
and other greek people and the helped me till the blue
station of the metro line and after I took by myself (after
asking many local people where the have beeing waiting
also for the metro ) the red line’s metro and I arrived
succesfully at the international train station of Budapest
in order to get the train , from Budapest to Pecs at 16
and 45 , but I was late , so I took the next one , which
was at 17 and 45 , but the organization thought that I
would have had took the 16 and 45 and I didn’t want to
live them to wait for me one hour at Pecs train station . I
decided to call them ans to explain that I would one hour
after of the predefined but I didn’t had credits . So I tried
to take help from the public … but without succes …
Finnaly in the train I found a girl , Barbara was willing
to help me and she called Zoli in order to informed him
about the situation and after everything rolls fine . At the train station Marin , Xhabi and Zoli’s father have
been waiting for me in order to get me from there and to
go directly at Kemes .

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A few a months ago, we had a one idea about put one gardering very close to the home,

Wich consisted, in 2/3 squares, where we put diferents plants or vegetables.

The first square was made 2 weeks ago and consists of a wooden frame, put land of the old garden,

And it was for flowers of decoration, the square is very colorfull, and put joyfulness, happiness to our home.

The last Friday (27 th October), we did make the others squares, where we putted diferents plants,

Lettuces, onions, rumania´s garlics, ruccula, mizuna (special´s lettuce).

It´s a good idea because is more easy access to the garden when you need diferents things for cook, for example spicies; and we can experiment add and remove different plants, and know when is the best season depending to the plant, or how is the form to plant it.

We really enjoyed doing this project and we wanted to have our garden, apart using recycling

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